How Can I Change Wellborn Cabinets Hinges?

A correctly operating kitchen is essential to several cooks. Due to this, some people buy Wellborn cabinets, that have a great reputation. Wellborn creates all kinds of cabinets, such as numerous which are created with a cabinet hinge. While these are generally quite tough, you might find which they wear over occasion and will need to be changed. So as to perform this project, start with your cabinet door held open. You might want to enlist help from friends.

Wellborn Cabinets – Recommendations

1.  Release the CLIP locking device on each of the cabinet hinges using the tip in the flat-head screwdriver. The CLIP lock is a plastic clip placed on to the end of your hinge at the cabinet door. Slide your cabinet door off of the hinges.

2.  Locate and take away the plastic hinge cover inside of the cabinet housing. Pry small oval-shaped part off with a flat-head screwdriver. Put the tip in the screwdriver under that larger cap piece and also pry it outward till the cap breaks free.

3. Get to inside of the cabinet and even unscrew the 4 screws which secure the Wellborn cabinets hinges to each side of your unit. Utilize the Phillips screwdriver.

4. Set up the replacing Wellborn cabinets hinges through reversing the removals process.